BackTrack 3 Final Install (Automatic !) + Dual Boot

a / Download
b/ Burn to CD, tutorial
c/ Reboot the computer to the Live CD
d/ Begin Step I, II & III :

In this example, we will be working on such a HDD :

Windows a_ : 40go ; system type : HPFS/NTFS ; partition : dev/hda1
Free Space : 120go ;

We are going to use the 120go free space in order to create a 20go partition. We will install BT3F on this new 20go partition.

BackTrack 3 Final Screenshot :

BackTrack 3 Final Screen with LILO.conf

I - Partition and Format

Invoke cfdisk in order to create your 20 go partition :

# cfdisk

cfdisk - Partition for BackTrack 3 Final

Learn about how to use this program here :

Now, your hard disk might be so :

Windows__ : 40go_ ; File System : HPFS/NTFS ; partition : dev/hda1
BackTrack _: 20go _; File System : ext2 ___(__; partition : dev/hda5
Free Space : 100go ;

After having partitioned your HDD with cfdisk, you might need to reboot your computer to have read/write access over your new partition (here, dev/hda5) ! Indeed, without any reboot, you might be unable to fomat the partition to ext2 with mke2fs.


Use mke2fs in order to format your new partition into an ext2 File System.
In this example, we assume that BT3F will be installed on /dev/hda5.
In reality, your new partition could also be /dev/hda2, dev/hda3, etc …

Invoke this command to format /dev/hda5 to an ext2 File System :

# mke2fs /dev/hda5

mke2fs ext2 format for BackTrack 3 Final install on HDD


We will create a folder (via mkdir) and mount (via mount) the new partition (/dev/hda5) in this new folder (mnt/backtrack).

In step II, we will use this emplacement to install BackTrack 3 Final on the HDD with the Installer which was provided with BackTrack 3 Beta.

Create your backtrack Folder and mount mnt/hd5 in it :

# cd /
# mkdir mnt/backtrack
# mount /dev/hda5 /mnt/backtrack

II - Installing BackTrack 3 Final

Now that your HDD is partitioned, you can install BT3F manually, see :

But in this tutorial, we will install BackTrack 3 Final automatically with the Installer which was provided with BackTrack 3 Beta, since BackTrack 3 Final does not come with any installer.

a/ Download the BackTrack Installer here :

b/ Launch the Installer

BackTrack 3 Beta Installer, used for BackTrack 3 Final

- Install BackTrack to : /mnt/bactrack
- Select Installation method : Real
- Do not restore Original MBR after lilo

III - Booting BT3F and configurating LILO

Now backtrack is installed on your HDD, reboot and cross your fingers. The LILO Boot menu should show up at startup but you will notice that you will be unable to boot Windows or any other OS than BackTrack.

Boot with LILO

To be able to boot Windows, you have to make changes in the etc/lilo.conf file:

# cd /
# nano /etc/lilo.conf

The main changes are indicated in green :

boot = /dev/hda
timeout =1200

vga = 792
image = /boot/vmlinuz
root = current
label = BackTrack


#Windows Boot possibility :
other = /dev/hda1
label = Windows
table = /dev/hda


Do not forget to apply the changes :

# lilo -v


1/ Drivers
a/ Have read/write rights over NTFS via GNU/Linux
The driver is available here :

b/ Have read/write rights over ext2/ext3 via Windows
The driver in available here :

2/ FIX for slapt-get

Locate it and decompress it in a folder :

# cd /
# cd root
# mkdir bt3-fix
# mv bt3-fix.tar.gz ./bt3-fix
# tar -zxvf ./bt3-fix/bt3-fix.tar.gz
# cd bt3-fix

Install the softwares :

# installpkg gpgme-1.1.4-i486-1.tgz
# installpkg gnupg-1.4.7-i486-1.tgz
# installpkg libassuan-1.0.1-i486-1.tgz
# installpkg slapt-get-0.9.12c-i386-1.tgz

Update slapt-get to finish proceeding the software’s installation :
slapt-get --update

For more informations about this fix:

3/ Addons (nothing to do with a Network Security Suite)

Gslapt :
# slapt-get --install gslapt

gFTP :
# slapt-get --install gftp

ImageMagick :
# slapt-get --install imagemagick

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